Wednesday, March 28, 2012

DeKalb needs to plan ahead

AJC reports [link now dead, sorry!] that if Brookhaven becomes a city, DeKalb county stands to lose on $25-27 millions in taxes, "some as early as December."

But the County says it can't plan until it knows for a fact that Brookhaven will remove that money from county coffers. According to the County,
“Our only options are to raise revenues, reduce expenses or draw down our reserves,” said chief operating officer Richard Stogner, adding a mix of those options will be the most likely outcome."
This makes no sense whatsoever. County Commissioner Elaine Boyer agrees: “The problem with DeKalb County is we never plan ahead.”

Surely that can change. Even today. Before unincorporated DeKalb ends up "left behind" in this cityhood and annexation rapture party.

If Brookhaven passess, if DeKalb County loses on that chunk of its tax base without adjusting its budget (and likely cutting services), it will be left to its citizens to swallow a 2 mil increase in their taxes to make up the difference.