Tuesday, March 20, 2012

MARTA @ Suburban Plaza?

Per MARTA's website, this Clifton Corridor plan is "pending approval" from the MARTA Board of Directors:

  • "8.8 miles of light rail double track (includes tunnels and elevated sections)
  • 10 light rail station platforms
    • Lindbergh Center (Transfer to Red or Gold Lines)
    • Cheshire Bridge
    • Sage Hill
    • CDC/Emory Point
    • Emory-Rollins
    • Emory-Clairmont
    • North Decatur
    • Suburban Plaza
    • DeKalb Medical Center
    • Avondale Station (transfer to Blue Line)
  • 3 additional optional stations for consideration
    • Piedmont (Transfer to BeltLine)
    • DeKalb Industrial
    • North Arcadia (old DeVry campus)
  • 2 Maintenance and/or storage facilities"
Note that they are seeking public comment at the meetings below: