Friday, March 30, 2012

DeKalb Co. Board of Commissioners says NO to cell towers

Patch reports that the DeKalb Board of Commissioners (BOC) has unanimously asked CEO Ellis to prevent the Board of Education (BOE) from allowing T-Mobile to place cell phone towers on school grounds. The article includes a pdf of the letter, in which the Commissioners accuse the BOE of placing the county in an "untenable situation."

Medlock Park neighbors fought hard to prevent a tower from being added to the Medlock Elementary school property. Here's to hoping that other neighborhoods can reverse this ill-conceived scheme with help from the BOC and CEO.

In their letter, the Commissioners argue as Medlock neighbors did: that the BOE is bound by zoning law when a decision is self-serving ("proprietary") and unrelated to its educational ("governmental") mission. In other words, loopholes that violate the spirit of the County's zoning law are violations of the zoning law, whether you are a private individual or a government agency.

Patch states that
 The school board and the school system, so far, have been unreceptive to protestations since their approval vote. Superintendent Cheryl Atkinson continues to look ahead, Woods said.
"The decision was made well before her administration," she said. "Her point of view is that we need to focus on decisions yet to be made."
By this logic, the Superintendent would never correct or reverse previous administrative policy that has been found to be damaging to our students and community. Surely she did not mean that! Happily, there's an easy way for her to clarify: end these shenanigans.