Thursday, March 15, 2012

Lord love a (wood) duck

For additional information on wood ducks, visit the  Ducks Unlimited website.
This announcement relates to the trails behind Druid Hills Middle School (known as Shamrock Middle School to the faithful):

Dear neighbors,

We are fortunate to have the rare and incredibly shy wood duck nesting in our neighborhood. In order to encourage their successful mating, we will be closing the blue trail soon so that the birds can have the solitude they need. Please respect the barricades closing the trail and do not go around them.

We have also noticed an increase in vandalism along the trails. So far there have been three bird houses broken, numerous trail markers removed, spray painting on several trees and the tree house, a fire built ON a picnic table in the DH middle school outdoor classroom, and rip rap moved from the banks of homeowners. We suspect this is mischief being had by some typical teens. If you are the proud parent of teens in the neighborhood, could you please speak with them about respecting the hard work that others have done to create these trails and outdoors classroom. Also, please respect the privacy of thos e living along the trail or creek.

Please share this with surrounding neighborhoods, many of whom enjoy these trails.

Carol Hayes, Chair
Burnt Fork Watershed Alliance