Friday, January 25, 2013

"Appeal of a decision to issue a building permit" signs @ Suburban Plaza

These signs appeared around Suburban Plaza this week. 

MANA has left messages with DeKalb County's Planning Department & Selig Enterprises seeking additional information. 

As usual, will share info when we have it!

UPDATE (1/27/2013): MANA has received clarification on the basis of the appeal, filed January 9th by Good Growth Dekalb’s (GGD) attorney on behalf of GGD and Kristina and Abhay Mishra. The appeal states that:

1) Medlock Road is not an authorized truck route, and therefore Walmart's use of this road violates DeKalb Code Section 17-94
2) various hydrology requirements were not met, and
3) there are various violations of the county Tree Protection Ordinance

DeKalb County thoroughly reviewed the redevelopment plan and determined that all criteria were met before granting the building permit. Selig is confident they've met the criteria and is prepared to address the appeal at the Feb. 13th hearing.