Sunday, January 6, 2013

Monty Python takes on annexation

"Hello. Can we have your liver?" 

"But... I'm using it, eh."
Monty Python's The Meaning of Life, via youtube
Mary Swint at CrossRoadNews has a thorough report on City of Decatur's annexation plan per the December 3, 2012 commissioners meeting:

"Decatur City Manager Peggy Merriss estimates that revenue from the targeted areas would be about $825,000, with real estate taxes accounting for $533,000 of the total. She said the city would incur more than $404,000 in additional costs for police, storm water and street lights. . . . Merriss said the city has not asked any legislators to sponsor the annexation. She said it might take more than one legislative session to get it done. Continue reading @ CrossRoadNews"

Per City of Decatur's website, a view of the disputed northern territories...
Annexation targets in green. Map via
City of Decatur.  Click to enlarge.
 Same map, overlaid on Google map.
City of Decatur appears in blue,
annexation targets in green. 
Click here for a closer look at these annexation areas.

Elsewhere, Decatur Patch's Ralph Ellis has an interview with outgoing Decatur Mayor Bill Floyd,  and one of the questions addresses the annexation vote:
"Do you think this annexation that was recently approved will ever become a reality? 
"Do you think it's all
for the good 
of the country?"

"Well I wouldn't know, madam. 
We are just, uh, doing our jobs, 
you know."
                                                                 Monty Python's The Meaning of Life, via youtube
I think it’s got a good chance at some point in time, maybe not this year. I think it's inevitable that even DeKalb County at some point will realize that it’s better for those community hubs to be part of the city of Decatur than they are in DeKalb County. If you ask the county commissioners and the CEO realistically can they can control those hubs better than we can, the answer is they can’t do it. We can.  . . . Continue reading @ Patch"

If, like John Cleese, you experience mixed feelings at these words, sign the anti-annexation petition at CHCA.