Friday, December 7, 2012

Annexation "Areas of Interest" -- a closer look

The City of Decatur has released updated maps of areas it wishes to annex; the focus is on commercial properties. For City of Decatur annexation plans, refer to their annexation page.

Highlights of nearby areas included in City of Decatur's most recent annexation plan. 
The outlines of the proposed annexation areas are based on City of Decatur's maps below. Click to enlarge.
MANA is working to ascertain the effect these annexations would have on DeKalb County at large as well as on our own long-term interests, given the current discussion about other possible cities that may include us. Annexation of these commercial properties by City of Decatur is not a desirable outcome in either scenario. 

"Area of interest" A.3 includes the Clairmont/North Decatur Rd. intersection. Proposed annexation area B.3 includes the nearby corridor encompassing North Decatur Rd., Medlock Rd. and Scott Blvd.

Source: City of Decatur website
The green line borders the annexation target.

Area A.3, among others, includes North Decatur Plaza Shopping Center (Publix, Petco, UPS Store, Edible Arrangements, etc.), Holiday In Express, Decatur Package Store, Clairmont Animal Hospital, Emory Alliance Credit Union, North Decatur Center (Willy's Mexican Cantina, Eagle Eye Bookshop, Kinko/FedEx, Suntrust Bank, etc)... McDonald's, Chevron gas station, Shell gas station, Jiffy Lube, Los Loros Restaurant, Yami Sushi Restaurant, Kaplan, North Decatur Plaza (ChocoLate, Saigon Cafe, Camera Doctor, Wuxtry, Bicycle South, Mattress Firm, Rainbow Grocery, McMahon Shoes, Mediterranean Grill, Finders Keepers, Little Caesar's, Philly South Side, Suno's)...

Area A.3, overlaid on Google map, using roads as anchor points.  Area within proposed annexation line is highlighted in light green. Click to enlarge.

Source: City of Decatur website.
The green line borders the annexation target.

Area  B.3 includes, among others, Suburban Plaza (to include Walmart and others), Intown Ace Hardware, Eye Physicians and Surgeons, Correct Med, Family Practice of Atlanta, Scott Auto Repair, Fiesta Package, Chevron gas station & Hertz car rental,  Gulf (formerly Marathon) gas station, Avon, future site of Meehan's (formerly Maddy's)...

Area B.3, overlaid on Google map, using roads as anchor points.  Area within proposed annexation line is highlighted in light green. Click to enlarge.
Per DecaturMetro
These area don’t achieve the goal of cleaning up the city’s boundary, but they do provide the city with some commercially heavy areas – Area A.3 is 97% and Area B.3 is 62% commercial – a frequent, publicly stated goal of the commission, who is openly worried about the great reliance on residential property taxes in the city. (Residential taxes account for more than 4/5ths of the city’s revenues currently.) 
The city’s cost/income calculations for the two areas are as follows… 
Area A.3
Expenditures – $344,500
Revenues – $429,520
Net Diff – $85,020
Area B.3
Expenditures – $355,000
Revenues – $395,840
Net Diff – $40,080

Annexation is certainly a hot topic. Remember to check CHCA's cityhood information page and if you have questions, attend the January 13 info session organized by the Briarcliff Woods East Neighborhood Association.