Friday, December 14, 2012

Anti-annexation petition to the City of Decatur

<Update: original image removed per request, replaced with above 7/11/2013.>

We the undersigned strongly oppose the City of Decatur plan to annex several commercial properties along North Decatur Road. The inevitable tax increases will undoubtedly be a hardship for the tenants and owners of these properties, which are owned by families and individuals who have been long-time owners of their centers and have served our community well. To rip them out of the unincorporated area in order to enrich the Decatur city coffers seems excessively greedy, not in the best interest of surrounding neighborhoods, and in serious conflict with the positive image the City of Decatur has cultivated for years.
We are also extremely concerned that our own property taxes will also have to be raised to cover the loss of their tax contribution to the county coffers....
To sign the petition, go to the Clairmont Heights website @

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