Tuesday, December 11, 2012

A brief zoning update

Some quick announcements from the MANA Zoning committee:

• Selig has all three permits (demolition, land disturbance, and building) required to build the Walmart.  They are on schedule to begin construction in early 2013. Everyone who has left the center already has done so by choice and Selig has let them out of their leases without penalty.

• Maggie Monastesse, the owner of Decatur Estate & Wayback Antique (and longtime tenant at Suburban Plaza), reports that they have secured a site for their store at 2272 Lawrenceville Highway. This is the location of the old Jake's Toadhouse, across from Home Depot and next to O'Reilley Auto Parts. The new location is a bit bigger than the current space and Maggie says they are very excited and happy that after 20+ years in the community, purchasing this property means they can set roots and stay local for many years to come. They plan to open in Spring 2013.

• Observant Clyde Shepherd Nature Preserve users noticed survey flags around the Subaru dealership (which backs up to the nature preserve); it seems that there is a team working to survey South Fork Peachtree Creek for purposes as yet undefined. UPDATE: The Shepherd family is planning to sell the Subaru dealership.
• The Royal Dealership is currently performing environmental remediation (tanks and soil removed, working on asbestos removal).

• We have not heard any news regarding the sale of Scott Boulevard Baptist Church or nearby homes.

Addendum: two more updates!

Suburban Custom Awards and Framing has moved from Suburban Plaza to 215 Laredo Dr., close to Your DeKalb Farmer's Market.

•  OnStage Atlanta (OSA) has found a new home in a 18,000 square foot facility at 2969 East Ponce de Leon Ave. This is very close to DeKalb Farmer's Market and Kudzu Antiques.  The new location will feature two performance spaces, a rehearsal hall, gallery/second lobby, offices, and storage. Although smaller in square footage than the Suburban Plaza space, OSA's press release promises the new space will offer better flow for both patrons and performers. OSA also reminds everyone that they are still at Suburban Plaza so come enjoy their current plays: Nuncrackers, Merry Little Holiday Shorts, and Dear Edwina.