Friday, March 29, 2013

DeKalb Mall Community Garden (and soon veggie market?)

Go on with your bad self, Mr. Stripey!
The DeKalb Mall Community garden is such a neat endeavor. Per a recent announcement via the North DeKalb Mall e-newsletter, it looks like we will be able to buy their fresh produce later this year:
By the way, have you seen North DeKalb Mall's Community Garden?  It is located next to Stivers Subaru.  There are 30 garden plots being farmed by refugee families and community groups.  As a result, look for a Mall Produce Stand coming summer 2013 - fresh fruits and vegetables - yum! 
The garden is also working on a more informative website and the latest updates are available here. Note that they have posted a document with refugee stories, a list of equipment they need, and how to sign up as a volunteer. As a testament to their success, there is now a waiting list for plots.