Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Druid Hills Charter Cluster

As mentioned previously here and on the MANA Neighbors Facebook page, representatives from the 7 schools within the Druid Hills cluster are looking into the possibility of converting the cluster to a charter cluster.

It is still very early in the effort, but meetings are taking place on a regular basis and are completely open to the public. The next meeting will take place at Briar Vista Elementary School on Tuesday, March 19th at 6:30 pm. All meeting times and minutes are available on the newly launched Druid Hills Charter Cluster website:


The Facebook page is also still active and posting updates:


The effort is seeking any and all interested parties to participate on working committees to determine how the charter might be shaped - there are six working committees that are tackling issues surrounding educational programming, assessment methods/goals/objectives, waivers & fiscal feasibility, school operations, parent/community involvement & governance structure, and cluster rationale. Ideally, each committee will have up to 25 folks helping to evaluate, research and guide the development of the proposed charter.

If you're interested in seeing how this is shaping up, attend a meeting and learn more!