Friday, January 17, 2014

Tree Planting at the Clyde Shepherd Nature Preserve [Jan 20]

via the Clyde Shepherd Nature Preserve:

"Join us on MLK Day from 1-3:30pm for a volunteer day. We will be doing trail maintenance, removing English ivy, and planting trees (600, to be precise).
Meet the baby trees, class of 2034: white oaks, redbuds and shortleaf pines.
Tomorrow's trees begin growing
We are expecting a big group, so please bring gloves and other hand tools. A few extra wheel barrows would help too."

If you have not been by the nature preserve lately, you would be surprised at the progress. Large amounts of privet have been removed, opening the understory for natives. With all this good rain we have had, the pond is full, and the colors are great.

The recent freeze really toasted the bamboos, they look a bit snow-capped. On a chilly morning, expect some ice along the edge of the pond.
Panoramic view of the pond (with ducks!). Click to enlarge or view full-size image.