Thursday, May 15, 2014

North DeKalb Mall sold, remodeling expected

Atlanta's Tomorrow's News Today shared in its Facebook page that North DeKalb Mall has been sold.  A little Google hopscotch led to this press release that announces (without offering additional remodeling details)
"plans to convert the enclosed portion of the property to an open-air concept. Lennar and Sterling acquired ownership interest in the property and Sterling will manage the center. Timing on the redevelopment has not been finalized."
Over at the Lennar Commercial website, North DeKalb Mall is already listed among other properties they manage. A quick scan reveals their holdings fall into two broad categories: those located in areas with household incomes in the ~$60-80K's (similar to North DeKalb Mall), and those in the ~$100K+ range (such as The Avenue@East Cobb). So let the guessing game begin as to what new stores may come our way! Looking at North Dekalb Mall-like Lennar properties, they appear to feature merchants similar to the ones that Selig Enterprises is negotiating for Suburban Plaza.

We will post additional information as it becomes available.

Addendum: For fun, a couple Atlanta Time Machine views of North DeKalb Mall in the 1960's: