Monday, August 10, 2015

Scott Circle greenspace planning: proposal draft

via Casey Bodreau, MANA Greenspace Chair 

Dear Medlock Park residents & users! The final draft of the proposal for the Scott lots is posted below. Please send any additional comments to by 6 Sep 2015. We appreciate your feedback on ideas for improving our neighborhood.
Final draft of plan for FEMA buy-out lots on Scott Circle. As noted below, this is a visualization that incorporates
suggestions from the community so far.  There remain many opportunities for community involvement and volunteering to shape this space.

The next steps are:

1) Meet with the neighborhood’s County Commissioner to go over the master planning process and the proposed final design

2) Meet with DeKalb County Parks to go over the master planning process and the final design

3) Revise Final master plan based on feedback from neighborhood, DHYS, County Commissioner, Parks Department

4) Place acceptance (adoption) of the master plan on the County Commission agenda

5) Adoption of the master plan

6) Implementation - includes fundraising and community involvement

The implementation phase of the master plan will allow the neighborhood to work directly with specifying exact materials, plants, and amenities. The current master plan casts a vision for the Scott Circle parcels and leaves some flexibility for a “Park Improvement Committee” to develop the vision for implementation.

There would be additional meetings for the implementation phase and the committee work with the Parks Department and the neighborhood at that time to further detail the plant material and amenities (seating, sidewalk, etc.).

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