Saturday, August 8, 2015

Proposed redevelopment of Chevron gas station (corner of N Decatur and Scott Blvd)

By Theresa Same

This proposed redevelopment involves the
Chevron Station at the corner of
Scott Blvd. and North Decatur Rd.
The Cross-Neighborhoods Committee* was recently notified by the agent for Swift Stop, Inc. (Mark Light of Lighthouse Realty Advisors) of their desire to redevelop the property at 1486 Scott Boulevard. This is the property familiar to us as the Chevron Station at the 6-way intersection of Medlock Rd., North Decatur Rd. and Scott Blvd. The owner hopes to replace the gas station with a 6000 square foot retail building.

Proposal as presented by Lighthouse Realty Advisors. Click to enlarge.

This redevelopment requires variances for side and rear setbacks. This application is scheduled to go before the Zoning Board of Appeals (ZBA) on August 12, 2015. The owner/developer is hoping to gain the support of the community and Cross Neighborhoods Committee (CNC) in advance of the ZBA Hearing next week. To this end, the CNC is in the process of negotiating conditions to see if we can come to a site plan that we can support.

We are concerned with things such as sidewalks, improved landscaping, minimizing curb cuts, minimal signage, maintaining a buffer with the adjoining condominiums and adding a comfortable bus stop.

I know many of us would miss the convenience of a gas station in this location. And yet, this type of redevelopment would greatly reduce the number of cars entering and exiting this property, located at what we all know to be an over-burdened intersection.

 We want to hear from you. Please send your comments, concerns and questions to the CNC at

UPDATE: Conditions were agreed upon in late August. See them here.

* The Cross Neighborhood Committee is represented in the negotiation by Nancy Ciliax, Clairmont Height Civic Association, Theresa Same, Medlock Area Neighborhood Association; Mary Shellman, Good Growth Dekalb; Deanne Thomas, Decatur Heights Neighborhood Association; and Brian Westlake, Emory Heights Condominium Association.