Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Cell Tower Proposal To Be Discussed by DCSS on???

6-9 UPDATE: There may be changes to the agenda discussed below. MANA is seeking clarification about when the cell tower proposal will be discussed by the DCSS Board. It currently appears discussion will take place in July. Will share additional information as it becomes available.

According to the preliminary June 13 meeting agenda distributed at the June 6 DCSS Board meeting, the cell tower proposal will be discussed later this month:
Action Item G.1.
T-Mobile Wireless Tower Placements
Presented by: Mr. Steven Donahue, Executive Director, Plant Services
The meeting will take place at
Administrative and Instructional Complex
J. David Williamson Board Room
1701 Mountain Industrial Blvd
Stone Mountain, GA  30083
June 13, 2011 6:00 PM
DCSS posts their meeting agenda online, on the day of the meeting. You can find recent meeting agendas here, see right margin, under "Board Meetings."

Please continue to contact DCSS Board Members and the Interim Superintendent to convey your feelings about the cell tower proposal. See this post for their contact information

And if you can attend the meeting on June 13, please do.