Monday, June 13, 2011

DCSS must table the T-Mobile cell tower decisions until July

The text below is edited to correct errors in a previous version. 

It appears that the cell tower proposal discussion is on the agenda today, June 13, 6pm, and has not been delayed, as MANA was informed late last week.

Calls from MANA to Mr. McChesney have not been returned. The Secretary of the BOE explained that the Board does not meet with citizens on business meetings, only on working meetings.

The Board meets at 4pm today to approve the agenda, therefore, there is still time for the DCSS Board to do the right thing and for you to nudge them along. Here are the Board and Interim Superintendent's addresses:

To view the DCSS Board Meeting Schedule and Agendas, go to
and under today's 6pm meeting you will find Action Item G5. T-Mobile Wireless Tower Placements.

If you have not done so already, email the DCSS Board and share your concerns. Also ask that they delay the T-Mobile Cell Tower proposal decision to allow the community to address the Board.

And it's not just us: the DeKalb School Watch blog also questions DCSS's wisdom in pursuing the cell tower proposal.