Tuesday, June 28, 2011

MANA Meeting of June 27: part I

We had a great meeting! Below are meeting notes by Beverly Monroe, MANA Secretary.

Additional coverage on zoning and the business fair will be available in separate posts a.s.a.p.--it's too much to fit in here!

If you are interested in volunteering or have questions, contact MANA at medlockassoc@gmail.com.

Neighbors gathering before the business fair.

President Kathryn Firago welcomed everyone to the meeting, and introduced the
businesses represented at the business fair. Attendees then spent the first part of the
meeting circulating around the room, talking to the various people promoting their
businesses. [Look for business fair post(s) coming soon]

The remainder of the meeting was devoted to announcements, committee reports, and
news of the neighborhood and community. Kathryn reminded everyone that it was the
beginning of a new fiscal year, and invited them to join or renew memberships.

Yard Sale - Beverly Monroe
• October 1
• Recruiting those interested in helping plan

Budget and Membership - Judy Perras
• Treasury balance- $4,950.43
• Current spending to go to buying MANA shirts and vests

Neighborhood Watch- Barbara Dalton
• Considering providing stickers for homes, “No Soliciting – MANA”
• Possibly free to neighbors
(the audience liked this idea, MANA will follow up on it)

Newsletter – Stephen Perras
• July 1 deadline for articles
• Delivery- mid July

Senior Dinner – Kathryn Firago
• 50’s Theme- costumes, decorations
• Publix and Ace Hardware donated food and prizes
• Thanked Dave Butler for cooking

Social- Kathryn
• Pool Party- August 14
• Rain date- August 21

Zoning – from Theresa Same
Theresa compiled a very thorough list of updates of what's going on around the neighborhood. These appear in a separate post on zoning.

Cell Phone Tower -- Joanne Massey
Joanne Massey outlined objections to putting the cell tower
in our neighborhood.
1- visible to entire neighborhood
2- deterrent to viable tenant for school
3- lower property values and decrease in ability to sell homes
4- restricted land use
5- relatively little financial gain for school system
6- T-Mobile to join with AT&T?

Joanne reported that she and her husband have hired an attorney and 18 other
families have joined to help pay the attorney. They need more to join with them
and encouraged everyone to keep writing the Board of Education.
Joanne is looking into a Medlock overlay, a livable community initiative that
involves an application for a grant to bring about a vision for the future for
the neighborhood.

Kathie Gannon, Commissioner
• Encouraged neighbors to help pay for the attorney and to attend school board
meetings. July 11 is when they might vote.
• Currently issues are being identified for 2012 election of CEO and board members.
• Suburban Plaza Walmart- Kathie and Jeff Rader met with Walmart. The proposed plan is to
tear down stores to Piccadilly and build underground parking. The area is already
zoned, but they would need a parking variance. The Zoning Board of Appeals
meeting would be a time for community input. Walmart is asking for Economic
Development Incentive money.
• Community Based Plans Overlay- an application for funding through ARC grants.
These are federal funds matched by the county.