Tuesday, March 11, 2014

DeKalb Commissioners transfer economic development oversight to new board

Decaturish has a great report on how the DeKalb Board of Commissioners has decided to set up a new, independent government agency to oversee County development that
"... transfers economic development activities to the board, removing them from the supervision of the county CEO. 
The commission’s actions followed a scathing report produced [by] Angelou Economics on the county’s market conditions. The report, which the county commissioned, said declining tax revenues and a culture of political corruption are holding back the county’s economic development efforts.
... Angelou Economics found the county’s tax digest has decreased 50 percent in the last six years as new cities have formed. DeKalb also suffers from a higher crime rate than its neighboring communities, including Atlanta."  Read on @ Decaturish
Did you catch that: "the county’s tax digest has decreased 50 percent in the last six years as new cities have formed." The last six years counts from 2008, the year when the bottom fell out, heck broke loose, and development stalled or retracted everywhere; it's fair to guess the national economic mood had some impact on the digest, too. Still, we have to acknowledge that as commercial property leaves the County, any new (taxable) development due to recovery will also be happening and most benefiting those incorporated areas.

Did you know that DeKalb is quite remarkable in terms of patent activity?
This is but one slide from the Angelou Economics report
The document that informed the Board's decisions can be found at http://www.co.dekalb.ga.us/
pdf/2014_02_17_dekalb_county_market_assessment_report.pdf Definitely click on that link and learn more about our County!

The Angelou Economics report gathered information through its http://dekalbcounty2020.com/ link. Matrix Consulting was hired to collect information to help overhaul the County's permitting and licensing operations; their survey can be found at www.surveymonkey.com/s/
DeKalbCustomer  It is uncertain if information submitted to these surveys is still being collected.