Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Your DeKalb Farmers Market

A Decatur Metro reader recently posted a link to plans depicting a major expansion of Your DeKalb Farmers Market. The plans linked here are dated 2012, construction is now starting. Per the document,
"The proposed expansion will be built in four phases; Phase 1 will consist of 195,692 SF of Warehouse and 352,983 SF of Retail; Phase 2 will consist of 407,152 SF of
Warehouse and 101,788 SF of Retail; Phase 3 will consist of 53,186 SF of Warehouse
and 98,774 SF of Retail; and Phase 4 will consist of 223,530 SF of Warehouse. Phase I is expected to be completed in 3 Years and the overall project is expected to be completed
in 10 years."

via http://www.avondaleestates.org/resources/pdfs/Your%20DeKalb%20Farmers%20Market

Current market space and parking appear in light grey roughly between 12 and 2 o'clock. 

You will be here! Medline study area is outlined in orange; the yellow
asterisk marks the Scott Blvd. / Medlock / North Decatur Road intersection.
That is a whole lot of edibles! Also exciting is how close Your DeKalb Farmer's Market is to our area and how much more accessible it will be through pedestrian and cycling improvements that will follow the Medline LCI study.