Monday, March 17, 2014

No mo' cities--this year, anyway

Self-consciously shaped like a stealth bomber, behold
the unholy child of that tawdry 11th-hour Lakeside and Tucker tryst.
It did not fly. 
Reporter Newspapers says that no new cities will be approved in DeKalb this year. The article quotes Senator Fran Millar (who withdrew the Lakeside bill he had sponsored) as saying
What you’re basically telling 70,000 people is they don’t have the opportunity to vote this year,” 
You could interpret that phrase as Millar having a late but welcome flash of understanding and empathy for all the people outside cityhood an and annexation proposals but nah, he was talking about the Lakeside faithful.

Here's to hoping that with these proposals on hold, with annexations also looming, we can spend the coming year deciding who we are and where we are all going (hopefully nowhere involving a hand basket and gusting dry heat).