Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Fundaiser for ICS Soccer Team [Jan 21]

The International Community School, our soon-to-be neighbor, is having a fund-raiser to benefit their soccer program:

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Angora Hall seats around 400 so come on over! There will be six bands – from Irish traditional to modern jazz to all-vocal to African drumming to a “Classic Rock” dance band. It will be a family-friendly event, proceeds from food and drink sales will go to the school’s soccer program--a global game for a global school!

To learn more about ICS, visit http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/ctqfilms/a-place-in-the-world, which features clips of an upcoming independent film.

For truly in-depth information about ICS, visit http://littlebillclinton.csmonitor.com/littlebillclinton/. This blog is a multimedia report by journalist Mary Wiltenburg, who spent a year learning the how's and why's of the International Community School through the eyes of its students, their families and the school's faculty and administrators.