Thursday, January 5, 2012

Two dogs abandoned in City of Decatur need help

sent to MANA for distribution. Please help if you can.
On Jan 1, two very sweet adult pet dogs, one male and one female boxer/bird dog mixes, were abandoned in the City of Decatur with a bag of dog food dumped on the street. They were obviously pets as they were confused and were lost when they were discovered. Both are very friendly and family oriented dogs.  
Residents on that street were trying to take care of these abandoned pets. However, the dogs have now ended up at Dekalb Animal Control and are residing on Death Row there. At least they are temporarily safe from the freezing cold. However time is running out for them as eventually if no foster or permanent home is found they will have to be euthenized.
 Private donations have been pledged in exceess of $350 from residents all throughout Decatur to rescue these loving pets from euthenaztion. What is missing now is someone to either foster or take these loving animals as permanent members of their family. I won't commit to this. However I believe most vets/shelters will provide services and food at a reduced rates to foster homes.
If anyone can find a way to take one or both of these animals into their lives, either as foster or permanent homes, it would be a heartwarming experience for everyone and a great way to start 2012. 
If you can help in this rescue effort or would like more information such as a picture of these pets, please contact me offline as soon as possible at Time is running out for them.
Update: for photo of the doggies, see