Sunday, January 29, 2012

The way we were

These aerial views show the Medlock Park area as it was in the 1940's, then in 1960, and finally, a recent view.

It is not quite a perfect overlay, but you can orient yourself by finding the railroad tracks on top left and Scott Blvd. towards the bottom right. The future location of Medlock Elementary is roughly at the middle of the 1940's photo, with the South Fork of Peachtree Creek very visible along the middle of the photo.

Can you spot your house, other landmarks?

1940 (left) and 1960 (right). Click to enlarge.
The above images are courtesy of the Digital Library of Georgia, where you can download the above images: 1940 | 1960.

Below, Google tells us the area is now positively infested with trees! But seriously, the transition from agricultural to residential appears to have been quite tree-friendly. Here's to hoping the Google plane flies over when the dogwoods are in bloom.

2011. Click to enlarge.