Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Lost Dog: Reno the Black Lab [Dec 31]

forwarded from the MANA email list...

Have you seen this dog or know where he might be? His name is Reno. Reno's home is located in the Sargent Hills Neighborhood just South of North Dekalb Mall, by the Quick Trip. Doug - his owner - is really upset about Reno.

RENO is 10yrs old. Weighs 50lbs. Primarily black in color with white on his chest, , toes, muzzle, and tip on his tail. RENO did not have his collar on, but had on a red flea collar. RENO has never wondered any further than to say hello to the neighbor.

On New Year's Eve, Doug - let him out in the fenced yard for a potty break. When Reno didn't want to come back in after his normal time, Doug looked for him and then realized the yard folks left the gate unlatched.

If you see this dog, hear of a dog with similar descriptions, or even THINK you know ANYTHING that may help reunite Doug & RENO, PLEASE CALL DOUG IMMEDIATELY. You may call ANYTIME. Day or Night at ANY hour. Doug's number is 404-839-2136.