Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Water and sewer rate increase will benefit local creek system

The Champion reports

DeKalb County’s water and sewer rates will increase by 11 percent to help finance more than $1 billion dollars in improvements to the county’s water and sewer system. The rate will also increase in 2013 and 2014 by 11 percent, according to a plan adopted by the Board of Commissioners in December 2010.
... The system is plagued with pipe breaks and sewer spills. As of Dec. 20, there have been 187 county sewer spills, many caused by grease blockages in pipes...
... According to county officials, approximately $20 million-$30 million will be allocated to address requirements of a proposed consent decree in which the county would agree to pay a $453,000 penalty from the federal Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) for excessive sewage spills. The county also agreed to implement a $600,000 stream cleanup project, focusing on debris removal from parts of the South River, South Fork Peachtree Creek and Snapfinger Creek. 
The South Fork of Peachtree Creek merrily meanders through MANA and Clairmont Heights. It is great to hear some of these taxes will help improve nearby habitats that have been repeatedly affected by spills. Because, hey, thats our creek!

Here she is, seen from the stone bridge at Mason Mill [May 2010 (left) and Feb 2011 (right)].
While on this topic, visit the  South Fork Conservancy's website, which also spells out a wonderful plan to develop connecting trails while restoring and conserving these much-neglected waterways.