Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Hurt dog found on Arborcrest Drive, Decatur

The dog pictured to the left was found this morning on Arborcrest Drive in Decatur, unable to move, probably due to having been hit by a car. Compassionate folks stayed with him and the pooch is now under the care of the Lifeline Project folks at the DeKalb County Animal Services.

The dog did not have a collar and is not microchipped. If you recognize this dog, please direct his owners to
UPDATE: here's his DCAS profile

UPDATE 2:  July 24 via Facebook: "looking a bit perkier this morning, but he still can't walk and is still in urgent need of rescue"

Since the owner has not been found yet, a  fundraiser has been set up to help cover vet costs, see

UPDATE 3: "Rescue pending" status posted on DCAS, meaning, a rescue group has stepped forward to get this dog out of the pokey and provide an environment where he can recover and then be adopted. YAY!

UPDATE 4:  Per a Facebook update, vets determined that this dog was shot at some point and a bullet fragment migrated to his spine, causing hind-leg paralysis; he will be evaluated at UGA. He also appears to have been on his own for a while. The New England Humane Society (Facebook, web), based in northern Rhode Island and with established relationship with rural Georgia shelters, has agreed to take him in for rehoming. For years, a number of rescue volunteers and organizations have been relocating dogs and cats from states with a surplus of unwanted animals to areas where there is high demand for adoptable pets. "Lovell" (as he is being called by DCAS) faces mounting vet bills ($800 so far); if you would like to contribute, you may do so via his Fundrazr page.