Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Update on Greg Germani

On June 9, neighbor Greg Germani was the victim of a hit-and-run while cycling on Flagler Avenue in Morningside. The Atlanta Police has found the vehicle that struck him but has not issued any other updates on the case. To contribute to the CrimeStoppers reward, go here.

Greg's girlfriend, Beth Anne, has a wonderful update as of July 8 via her Facebook page:
All these great prayers and vibrations are working, folks. Today we had an exciting and unexpected day. Greg spoke for the first time. He was able to say "hello" and "I'm fine" in response to questions by the medical staff on three occasions. Happy tears today, definitely. This is a big step, coupled with his gradually improving alertness. It also take a tremendous amount of effort for these short bursts of activity, so for every excitement, there’s a lot of down time. They've advised us that it will come in fits and starts and may not be consistent, but Greg is making progress. Thanks to his physical and speech therapists, Ruchita, Crystal, Holly, and Vicky for all their hard work today!
Hello back at you, Greg! Keep on soaking up the good thoughts and well wishes, of which there are so very many.