Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Greg Germani Trust Fund

For updates on Greg's condition and to contribute, go to

This is for our neighbor Greg! Please go to to make a donation. 
"On the evening of June 9, while cycling home from work, Greg was viciously, intentionally run down by a driver and left for dead. Thanks to the help of fast-acting strangers and the amazing work of doctors at Grady Hospital, Greg's life was saved that night. 
Greg has received outstanding medical care every step of the way. Seven weeks after the attack, however, Greg is facing a long road to recovery. He has suffered multiple injuries, the primary one being a severe brain injury from the impact of the incident. (Importantly, he was wearing a helmet.) There is so much unpredictability about a brain injury, but the consistent word is that Greg will recover on his own timetable... 
Contributions made via GoFundMe (or otherwise) will go to this third-party special needs trust, and those funds will only be used to meet Greg’s health care needs not otherwise covered by insurance or other means in accordance with the terms of the trust."
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