Wednesday, August 27, 2014

GA House to DeKalb proposed cities: clean up your room!

That's the message from the House Government Affairs Committee. The AJC reports that
"Committee Chairwoman Amy Carter, R-Valdosta, would appoint a panel of five House of Representatives members to draw city boundaries if the City of Briarcliff Initiative, Lakeside Yes and Tucker 2015 can’t agree by Nov. 15. The instructions were developed by Jacobs and Rep. Tom Taylor, R-Dunwoody." Read the rest @ AJC
The last legislative session ended in a mad scramble as the Briarcliff, Tucker and Lakeside cityhood initiatives failed to resolve their overlapping boundaries and nearby DeKalb cities called dibs on unincorporated commercial property they wish to annex before someone else does. City of Decatur tried and failed to grab a big swath of commercial property along North Decatur Road.

See our post last winter for a recap of where things were at the end of the last legislative session; alas, there's little progress form then to now.

City of Briarcliff Initiative representatives will discuss where Medlock stands as they look ahead to the consideration by the 2015 state Legislature of proposed new cities in DeKalb County. The meeting is Thursday, August 28, at 7:00 at North Decatur Presbyterian Church. This is the time to ask your questions about one of the possible choices facing us in the near future.