Sunday, August 31, 2014

MARTA survey

Commissioner Rader alerts us to a MARTA study that is "investigating ways to improve access to bus, rail and Mobility (paratransit) services." This comprehensive analysis will request feedback from  both employees and the general public.

Visit the Comprehensive Operations Analysis site at for additional information. It includes a link to a brief survey.

To learn about MARTA's proposed expansion in the Clifton Corridor area, go to Note the menu items on the right margin (fact sheets, maps, etc.). The project suffered a big setback in 2012 when a 1% transportation-focused tax (T-SPLOST) did not muster sufficient support.

Food for thought. As we ponder improvements to public transportation, a recent item in The Economist might provide some food for thought. "Rolling blunder" tackles the recent emphasis on streetcars and the federal subsidies that buoy them. Although popular and fiscally viable in some cases, the article warns that many streetcar and light rail projects are not cost-effective and fail to serve all constituents equally. Buses, they say, are often a "nimbler" solution that is more cost-effective to implement, adjust and maintain (buses, of course, get stuck in traffic unless they have dedicated lanes). Atlanta's own streetcars are currently in test mode; see a recent AJC update here. For highlights on what makes the world's best public transportation systems so good, see