Friday, August 15, 2014

It looks worse before it looks better

Big Lots,  Hancock's Fabrics, Uniform Alternative and other businesses
remain open at SuburbanPlaza. 
Suburban Plaza's redevelopment continues. The initial razing to prepare the site where Walmart will be built has been pretty tidy so far. A security fence surrounds the work area and demolition has proceeded up to the location of the old Piccadilly's. This is as far as Walmart-related demolition goes. This week, crews were dismantling parking lot lights and spreading wood mulch to limit the erosion of exposed topsoil.
View from the old Piccadilly's and a whole lotta mulch, facing the Medlock / North Decatur / Scott Blvd intersection.
Sweeping view from the North Decatur Road side.
As to how this fits into the overall plan, here's The Plan. See all other Suburban Plaza posts here.
Blue dots outline structures now demolished; yellow marks Walmart's future footprint.