Monday, October 13, 2014

MANA annexation survey coming soon

from the MANA Board:

Dear Medlock Area neighbors,

MANA boundaries: residents of the shaded (grey) area
should complete the survey. See our About page
for more information about our civic organization.
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We have been working on a survey to better understand how residents within the Medlock Area Neighborhood Association's (MANA) boundaries feel about our annexation options. We have been very deliberate with this process, as we aimed to

1) design a survey that gathers the data we need (no more, no less),

2) release informational materials that are accurate and current and help our residents better understand the choices we face and

3) report on our findings in a timely manner.

The survey timeline will be as follows:

Week of October 13: Information (on the impact of various proposals on property taxes and schools) and survey questions will be posted on the MANA website to allow everyone to familiarize themselves with the issues and survey content.

October 19ish and on: MANA volunteers will distribute our Medlock Matters newsletter door to door. The newsletter will include an insert with the same information previously posted on the website, the actual survey, and instructions on how to complete it. A phone number and email address will be provided for anyone who would prefer to have a MANA volunteer visit their home and help them complete the survey. Likewise, anyone with a delivery or access concern (e.g., will be traveling during the survey period) should contact

October 27: We will report on survey responses at the MANA community meeting (7pm at the North Decatur Presbyterian Church). House Representative Mary Margaret Oliver will be our guest speaker. Ms. Oliver no longer represents our neighborhood but did in the past; she is part of the House Government Affairs committee, which will play a significant role in the legislative process. Hard copies of the survey will be available at the meeting.

October 28: The survey closes at midnight (no additional data will be received). Data analysis begins the next day.

by November 3: Final survey results will be shared via the MANA website and other neighborhood media, and e-mailed to our legislators, elected representatives and civic collaborators.

Thank you for your patience and please mark your calendars to complete the survey by October 28. We will send some reminders too.

As always, let us know if you have any questions through