Thursday, October 23, 2014

The way we were, in plaid and stripes

Ruby found a photo in the Medlock Elementary alumni group on Facebook that just has to be shared and saved for the Medlock history books. It's the 3rd Grade class at Medlock, circa February 1953.
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1953 fashion favored plaid and stripes and ruffles, and these Medlock kids wore them well. Looks like it was a nice day, with a high in the low 60's.

Now, when we look at the great 1950's aerial views of the neighborhood that Greg Germani shared in the Atlanta Time Machine (Medlock page), we can also picture the kids who lived, played and grew up in our neighborhood... back in the day when our houses were new and our trees were little.

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Click to enlarge, see full-size image at the Atlanta Time Machine.