Wednesday, October 15, 2014

MANA annexation survey will launch this weekend

The MANA Annexation Survey seeks feedback from
residents within our organization's boundaries.
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Over the coming weekend, MANA volunteers will distribute the latest issue of the Medlock Matters newsletter. The newsletter includes the usual updates about going ons around the neighborhood, but is also a special issue on cityhood and annexation that complements our annexation survey. To get this information out there as soon as possible, the Fall newsletter is now available online (pdf) ahead of the print edition.

We encourage you to read articles by your MANA Board as they explore the potential impact of annexation and cityhood on key concerns such as our property taxes and schools. Much is unknown, but we still need to voice our preference so that our elected representatives and annexation proponents understand our wishes.

The home-delivered newsletter includes an insert with our survey and instructions on how to complete it by the October 28 deadline. Survey content is shared below. We hope that this information is useful and encourages conversation and discussion. We will start reporting on our survey results at the next community meeting (October 27). For timeline information, see our earlier post.

Thank you for your patience as we prepared these materials.



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This map (dated July 2014) was shared by the City of Tucker Initiative and has been edited to highlight key features. The map has been cropped to focus on annexation activity in our area. The Medlock Area Neighborhood Association (MANA) has been highlighted in white. Proposed cities are labeled in italics and existing cities are labeled in capital letters. To see the unedited map, click here.

We highlight Decatur’s proposed annexations (which include Suburban Plaza, Medlock Plaza where Meltons is located, and the whole Medline LCI study area as well as businesses at the Clairmont and North Decatur Road intersection, among others) because their annexation into Decatur would primarily allocate those properties’ commercial taxes to a small city that already possesses ample resources. Combined, these commercial annexations would increase Decatur’s footprint by more than 10%. We believe these commercial properties should serve as large a number of DeKalb citizens as possible:

City of Decatur population (2013):
~ 20,000
DeKalb County population (2013):
~ 700,000 (~500,000 unincorporated)
Proposed Briarcliff population (2013):
~ 93,000
Proposed Lakeside population (2013):
~ 63,000 

The map also illustrates how the Medlock neighborhood might be squeezed into an unincorporated island scenario.


This is a sample, shared to ensure all residents have ample time to prepare for the survey -- do not complete it or send it in. The real survey is being distributed with the newsletter. If you don't receive a newsletter and you live within the Medlock Area Neighborhood Association's boundaries, email

I. Respondent Information: Questions marked with an asterisk require an answer. Age information will help us better understand our population and represent our residents’ diverse needs and concerns, now and in the near future. Please answer as many questions as you can.

Your Name (optional):
Your Street*:

Describe your household: how many residents in each age category?*

 [ _____ ]  0-4         [ _____ ]  5-10         [ _____ ]  11-14      [ _____ ]  15-18      [ _____ ]  19-30  

 [ _____ ]  31-40     [ _____ ]  41-50       [ _____ ]  51-60      [ _____ ]  61-70       [ _____ ]  71+

II. Annexation Questions: If we had the opportunity to vote on this...

The Medlock neighborhood faces several possible options as alternatives to remaining in unincorporated DeKalb County. MANA board members met with City of Decatur officials who stated they are not interested in annexing our Medlock Park neighborhood, however, the Decatur City Commission has not voted on such a decision.
Each item is a separate question; you may answer “yes” or “no” on multiple proposals. 

How would you vote on a proposal to become part of City of Decatur?*
☐ YES: annex to City of Decatur    ☐ NO: remain in unincorporated DeKalb County

How would you vote on a proposal to become part of a new city to the north (currently represented by the Briarcliff and/or Lakeside proposals)?*
☐ YES: annex to a new city (Briarcliff/Lakeside)    ☐ NO: remain in unincorporated DeKalb County

How would you vote on a proposal to become part of City of Atlanta?*
☐ YES: annex to City of Atlanta    ☐ NO: remain in unincorporated DeKalb County

Would you support a one-year moratorium on all new cities and annexations in DeKalb County?*
☐ YES: I would support a 1-year moratorium during which we stay in unincorporated DeKalb County
☐ NO: the legislature should take action now

All things being equal, what is your preferred outcome for our Medlock Park neighborhood? Please rank these options, from 1 to 5, with 1 being your most favorite and 5 being your least favorite.* Please do not use the same number more than once.

[___] Join City of Atlanta  

[___] Join City of Decatur

[___] Join a new city to the north (currently represented by the Briarcliff/Lakeside proposals)

[___] Remain unincorporated

[___] 1-year moratorium on annexations by new AND existing cities