Friday, October 3, 2014

Update on Greg Germani: thumbs up

Greg Germani Trust Fund
Beth Anne writes on Facebook: "Thumbs up! Greg Germani gave me the go ahead to share this photo. The past four months have been extraordinarily tough, but Greg's here and giving it his all every day."
As we all know, Greg was (purposefully) hit by a driver while commuting on his bike last July. That driver has been arrested, is charged with attempted murder, and awaits trial. Greg is a Medlock resident and the genius behind the Atlanta Time Machine.

Greg's rehab is ongoing and so is the campaign to ensure that he continues to receive the very best support.

Beth Anne also posted that there's an fundraising even next November 7 at the Star Community Bar. Continued fundraising is needed because "Once Greg leaves the hospital and goes into outpatient treatment, his insurance benefits are less generous. Once he has utilized all of his insurance covered outpatient therapy visits (just about 2-4 weeks), the figure for daily outpatient therapy is in the neighborhood of $500 per day. Greg needs and deserves the best care possible and his incredible friends, family, neighbors and strangers are making that happen."

For anyone who can't attend this concert or just can't wait to pitch in, donations are possible through Greg Garmani's fundraising page at
Well-wishers can also send good vibes to Greg:

Greg Germani c/o Shepherd Center 
2020 Peachtree Road NW
Atlanta, GA 30309